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Services & Rates for Massage

Swedish Massage

A basic relaxation massage with light to medium pressure. This massage will help relieve sore muscles, improve circulation, and leave you feeling rejuvenated. Book now.

$70/hour $105/90 minutes

10% Military & Law enforcement discount with valid ID

Deep Tissue massage

60 or 90 minute

For those who like a firmer touch this massage is targeted to the areas you need the most attention. A firmer Swedish style massage will be applied every where else so you can still enjoy the benefits of a full body massage. Book now.

$70/hour $105/90 minutes

10% Military & Law enforcement discount with valid ID

Hot Stone Therapy

60 or 90 minute

This massage is perfect for those who are cold natured, Definitely a nice treat in the winter time. We use hot stones to warm the muscles of the body while soothing the pain away. Can be light to firm pressure depending on your preference. Book now.

$70/hour $105/90 minutes

10% military and law enforcement discount with valid ID

Sports Massage

60 or 90 minute

Designed with the athlete in mind. Sports massage can be tailored to energize the body before an event or to relax and sooth a body for quicker recovery after an event. Thai Yoga stretches can be applied to help the athlete feel more limber for the next event as well. Book now.

$70/hour $105/90 minutes

10% military and law enforcement discount with valid ID

Maternity Massage

60 minute

A massage for the mother to be. Helps to help relieve the stresses and pains that come with the blessing of child bearing. Designed with the pregnancy in mind that every expecting mother will appreciate. NEW PREGNANCY PILLOW!!! Book now.


10% military and law enforcement discount with valid ID

Chair Massage

At your business or event!

This is the perfect way to show your employee's appreciation or to market your business. Advertise free massage at your business place and people are sure to show up. Also great for bridal showers, sport events, charities, or teachers appreciation week! 

Starts at $70/hour depending on location.

Currently serving Southern Pines, NC. Aberdeen, NC. Pinehurst, NC. Pinebluff, NC, Carthage, NC, Whispering Pines, NC and surrounding areas.

Outcall Services

Let me bring the massage to you!

Short on time, or just hate driving back and forth to your massage appointment? Let me come to you! I will bring my portable table, music, oil, and linens. Setup and breakdown only takes about 5 mins. A favorite for couples to do on an evening in. Services available for outcalls are Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massages. Regular hot stone massage can be done for an outcall service as well.

Starts at $100/hour depending on location. Locations over 30 minutes get charged above rate for drive time as well.


Synergy Stone Massage

90 minutes $105

90 minute hot stone massage using new synergy stone system. Stones are different shapes to help get into and knead different areas. Book Now

Hot Flow Massage

90 minute massage $105

What is hot flow? Its a new modality that utilizes heat and flow to produce the most beneficial bodywork imaginable. Similar to a hot stone massage but instead of using heated stones, heated maple wood tools are used. The tools stay hotter 25% longer than traditional stones and allow for 300% more heat transfer! Book online today!


CryoSkin Slimming, Tonning, and facials

Introducing a new device called Cryoskin, Cryoskin provides non- invasive sessions for slimming and toning. Cryoskin works with your body’s natural systems to produce slimming and toning effects. The non-invasive sessions result in slimmer, toned bodies and the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles via 3 options:

 ● CryoSlimming™

● CryoToning™

● CryoFacials

$250-$350 per session. Most people will need 5-10 sessions to get desired results. Purchasing a package of 5 or 10 will reduce the price of each session.